A Big Secret That Will Help You Create a Website You’ll Love

A flat lay of mystical images, color studies, patterns, handlettering, ribbons, gathered from a mood board.

  Want to build a website you’ll love? With all the details and possibilities, where do you start? I asked myself, “What am I all about? How will this site reflect what I’m about?” At first, the technology and practicalities of building the site loomed large and in the way of the design. But I…

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Inspiration: Believe in Ourselves

  Inspiration for your week: The rewards for hard work are often delayed, so we have time to learn to believe in ourselves. Does it ever seem like you’re not getting anywhere? Do you question whether you’re using the right approach?  Wonder if it’s making a difference? I often feel that way. But then, some…

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A FREE downloadable wallpaper for your iphone and android

A dove with an olive branch flies in a starry, winter's night sky.

Just in time for the winter season, a wallpaper to calm and inspire you. There are instructions below to walk you through the process, but it’s amazingly easy.          Instructions: Click on the words, “Winter Dove Wallpaper” for iphone or for android, above. Click on the Download icon on your phone’s tool…

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Journey of Hope 2017 Exhibit: Unveiling the Completed Painting

Official title: A Portrait in Song   Do you ever experience anxiety as you work on an important project? When I started this piece, I had anxiety about finding the image. I didn’t have an image in mind after reading the mental health journey story I was given by the exhibit coordinators. But that’s normal…

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Inspiration for Your Week

  When you work with your imagination, you work with the best in the world. Could you use a little inspiration? I know that I could use a little inspiration this week. Life threw me some curve balls like my son breaking his hand, a gas leak at our house, and looming radiation treatments for…

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Letter to the Month of September

Dear September, What an interesting month you have been so far. I have felt so off-balance. Unsure of whether I could create paintings while committing to a regular social posting schedule (it is bizarre to create on command). Awkward as I transitioned to my first laptop (yes, I know I am late to the game…

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Journey of Hope 2017 Exhibit: Work in Progress Video

Pending: Posting video soon. I’m sorry. I’m suffering from technical difficulties.   In this video, you can see the unfolding of this piece for the Journey of Hope exhibit. I was worried about trusting my intuition on this painting. You see, intuition forms the foundation of my creative process, I have to get in touch…

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Journey of Hope 2017 Exhibit: Work in Progress, Pencil Sketch

  A peek behind the scenes for you, a Work-In-Progress sketch for the painting for the Journey of Hope Exhibit. I work out some of the concept for the piece on a separate piece of paper. I spatter paint on paper for the actual painting, then look for the image that expresses the theme I…

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Journey of Hope 2017 Exhibit: Last Year’s Painting

A woman with radiating hair, sings among luminous faces in the air, all in lavenders and blues.

  If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen that I am creating a painting for the Journey of Hope Exhibit 2017 that is happening in October. I thought you might like to see the painting I created for last year’s exhibit. This painting is called, “Finding Her Voice”. The exhibit promotes mental health awareness and…

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